Emerging Markets Forum: Pharma and OTC go-to-market strategies, partnerships and market access

The target audience: Pharma Executives / Area Managers, Key Regional Distributors & local players, Business Development Directors, Market Access Executives & Analysts get-together to discuss go-to-market strategies, partnerships and market access for pharma & OTC.

Emerging Markets Forum showcases a wide variety of market access strategies and provides platform to foster strategic partnerships across the key growth areas for pharma and OTC. The Forum attracts over 200 pharma executives, area managers, key regional distributors and local players, business development directors, market access executives and analysts.


  • Analytical insights and outlook for the emerging market opportunities
  • Keynote presentation: How can organisational effectiveness support a global product portfolio strategy in emerging markets
  • Case Study: Go-to market strategies around the world: What does it take to create a local footprint?
  • Country-focused sessions
    - MENA – how the market is coping with the price declines and what it means for access
    - Iran: assessing untapped market opportunities
    - Russia and EAEU: key development for the countries, including spotlight on Caucasus
    - CEE, including Baltics and Balkans – market overview and current volumes
    - Ukraine: outlook of Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, macroeconomic tendencies, regulatory framework, possibilities for generics and biosimilar products, and reimbursement projects
    - South Africa: market specifics and business models
    - South-East Asia: special focus on Vietnam
    - Latin America: Mexico – how to enter the “Cough & Cold” market despite growing premium prices.

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Адрес: Kurfürstendamm 27, Kempinski Hotel Bristol

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